After the Fact – Halting Academic Incivility – Study Suggests Society’s View of Males Has Soured


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March 17 - 2016


"The era of the fact is coming to an end: the place once held by “facts” is being taken over by “data.” This is making for more epistemological mayhem, not least because the collection and weighing of facts require investigation, discernment, and judgment, while the collection and analysis of data are outsourced to machines."

Jill Lepore in The New Yorker on:

After the Fact

In the history of truth, a new chapter begins.


"A good first step is simply bringing the offending behavior out into the open without (necessarily) singling out guilty parties. In my own department, a tenure-track professor complained during a meeting that a history of rudeness by some colleagues toward those outside our unit was interfering with her ability to collaborate because those in other departments were chary of working with us."

Patrick M. Scanlon in The Chronicle of Higher Education on:

Halting Academic Incivility

(That’s the Nice Word for It)


"The study, published in the Psychology of Women Quarterly, was carried out by psychologist Elizabeth J. Haines of New Jersey’s William Paterson University and her colleagues. Subjects, recruited online, were asked to rate on a 0-to-100 scale the likelihood of various traits, behaviors, and occupations for a hypothetical individual described in different versions of the survey as a typical man, a typical woman, or a typical person."

Cathy Young in Quilette on:

Study Suggests Society’s View of Males Has Soured


"The Obama administration has said it wants these rules to be available to states, policy makers and companies by July so they have a better idea of how to invest in their next-generation vehicles and infrastructure."

Larry Greenemeier in Scientific American on:

Driverless Cars Must Have Steering Wheels, Brake Pedals, Feds Say

Autonomous vehicles could meet current safety standards, but only if they include standard features found in traditional models


"World Water Day will be observed on March 22, calling attention to the global struggle to access clean water, and the work being done to alleviate the problems."

Alan Taylor in The Atlantic on:

The Daily Struggle for Clean Water


"They diluted potatoes with water, held bites in their mouths for a long time without swallowing, or labored over combining the food on their plate, “making weird and seemingly distasteful concoctions,” the researchers reported."

Tanya Basu in Science of Us on:

What a Starvation Study From the 1940s Reveals About the Awfulness of Dieting


"Cisco's Talos research group found that TeslaCrypt 3.0.1 has improved its implementation of a cryptographic algorithm making it impossible now to decrypt files."

Jeremy Kirk in PCWorld on:

TeslaCrypt ransomware now impossible to crack, researchers say

Victims can either either restore files from a backup or if that's not possible, pay up


+ "Fasten your seat belts now as we look into the gory details of the TeslaCrypt 3 cryptographic algorithm. "

Andrea Allievi and Holger Unterbrink in Talos on:



+ "It happened because those sites, like many, use third-party companies to display advertising."

Tom Simonite in MIT Technology Review on:

Are Ad Blockers Needed to Stay Safe Online?


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