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Who would counsel me? How?

Dustin Jaros

MSc. - Psych.

The person behind kopfvoll goes by the name Dustin Jaros. He is a German psychologist and works in psycho-social care for chronically mentally ill, living in therapeutic housing arrangements. What we try to do there is to support people in their efforts to build and maintain a life worthwhile living.

My mission is to capitalize on my technical abilities and offer counseling with the help of modern technology. Without being bound to fixed locations and strict schedules,  people are being helped by individualized videos as support and answers to their questions and problems. Additionally, Skype-meetings, e-mail correspondence and the like help keep the process of self improvement running. Above all that, when I see people in need thrive beyond their imagined capabilities, I thrive even more. Win-win...

Every and all life is unique. Every person carries their very own bag of burdensome weights. Fortunately, kopfvoll does not help one way, but two:

  • help trying to get rid of some of those weights
  • help trying to make you stronger to carry it more easily

Slow down, cowboy...Explain in detail!


  • Job & Education
    • Success <--> Failure
    • BoreOut <--> BurnOut
    • Happiness <--> Distress
  • Dating & Relationship
    • Self-Confidence <--> Insecurity
    • Communication <--> Misunderstandings
    • Harmony <--> Conflict
  • Goals & Striving
    • Flow <--> Frustration
    • Setting Goals <--> Feeling Lost
    • Social Belonging <--> Lonely


  • Psychologist
  • Kind of Interaction
    • Directive Leading / Tips & Tricks / Advise
    • Non-Directive Self Recognition / Insight (C. Rogers)
    • Provocative & Humorous / Motivating (F. Farrelly)
  • Way of Counseling
    • Phone
    • Skype
    • E-Mail
    • Spreed (Counseling Software)


  • Use
    • Assessment / Milestone of Your Counseling
    • Your Guidelines
  • Receiver & Access
    • Exclusively for You & Your Situation
    • Personal Access
    • Available 24/7
  • Kind of Video
    • Personal / Intimate
    • Advisory / Supportive
    • Direct Communication

Counseling? Why?

That is a great question, indeed.

You have probably heard of the saying: "hindsight is always 20/20". Generally, people without an excessive ability to reflect on themselves, on their emotions, their thinking and behavior, find themselves in stressful situations only when it is too late to act.

Most of us fail to realize they are burned out, emotionally dull, angry at the world and snappy to their peers, in time. The consequences of a heightened level of stress take a toll on us over time, physically and mentally.

Only when our ability to concentrate is diminished, our sleep is anything but relaxing and our general mood moved in to the basement with our self-esteem, we become somewhat aware of the fact...

  • Love and Relationship

    Problems in love and relationship are seldom unsolvable…

  • Work, Study and Employment

    Ups and downs in the job can be exhausting…

  • Leisure Time and Hobbies

    Procrastination is the friend you like and the friend you hate…

How does it work?

  • 1

    Free Initial Inquiry

    Kopfvoll wants to know and listens.
    Without any obligation you explain your request (Skype or E-Mail). Afterwards, we define your goals and evaluate possible results.

  • 2

    Start Counseling

    In our first "get-together" you realized your potential. Now you want to get to work an reach your goals. We start on your signal and prepare your personal video and/or meet in a skype-session.

  • 3

    Personal Video & Evaluation (optional)

    Your situation is as unique as you are. Solutions are manifold and complex. Kopfvoll gave you a direction. Now it is up to you...For further assessments, you get back to us and see, if you are still on the right way.

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